Nominations Are Officially Open

Our goal each year is to do the deepest analysis of the global AgTech landscape and honor the BREAK THROUGH companies, products and services in the field of food and agriculture technologies. We are excited to be in the open nomination period for our 2021 program! Please fill out the form below to nominate your “breakthrough” agtech solution and company!

AgTech Breakthrough Award Nominations
The nomination process is intentionally simple and streamlined. To nominate your AgTech company, product or service, please enter the required information in the form on this page.

For the open “Nomination” field, we ask that you answer the question of “How Does your Product, Service or Company Break Through the Food and Agricultural Technology Market,” for your specific category and we ask that nominations are kept to approximately 500 words or less.

You may submit the same product or company in multiple categories if multiple categories are relevant.

Complete and submit for your entry online by June 16, 2021. Emailed or hard copy submission forms will not be accepted.